Price for 10k : 0.00
Fill in Quantity: x 10k Gold
Payable Amount: 0.00 EUR

What can I buy on your website?
-In our Tibia Shop you can buy Tibia Gold, this is virtual currency from Tibia game.

How can I pay ?
- With G2A checkout you can pay using many difrent methods .
Paypal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Paypal SMS and aslo local payments using Skrill

What are the packages of gold?
- You can order equivalent of 10k, if you want to buy 1kk type 100 in your order.

Is there a minimum and maximum limit of an order?
- Minimum order is 200k the and maximum 4kk.

How shall I receive the purchased item?
- We send the Tibia Gold in the game via bank transfer.

Can I check the status of my order?
- When registered on our website, you can check current orders and the history of your orders as well.

What is the delivery time?
- We do our best to send orders as quickly as possible, the average time is 1 hour even though this can extend to 12 hours in some cases. Ask for details in live chat.

What happens in case of restarting server?
- in case of restarting server, all the orders are sent again.

Do I have to register?
- you can make a purchase without registration.

How can I receive Tibia money in the game?
- You have to go to the nearest bank, it is located in every town, in tibia it is usually in depot
To receive gold type withdraw .