Tibia Money Economy

Even though Tibia is one of the most popular and long lasting MMORPG games, with time its economical aspect starts to be also an important one. Money in the game Just like in other RPG games, the purchases of equipment, elixirs or even information needs a lot of money. Of course, in the game world you get money yet it is time consuming. That is why many players want an alternative. Currencies in games In the world of Tibia there is a currency whose basic units are Gold Pieces. The lowest one is 1 GP. 100 GP make a platinum coin and 100 platinum coins is one crystal coin. Thus if you come across a price in tibia cc it means crystal coins from Tibia game. Gold for sale While playing one may notice that some characters spend virtual currency as if unlimited in tibia coins. Thus, it is obvious there must be some sort of another circulation of game currency. It means that this currency can be bought. In forums for game players, especially where Tibia is popular there are often advertisements of buy tibia gold. In some forums they are deleted by administration because theoretically speaking such actions are usually illegal.
The producers view The game producers have a negative attitude towards the fact that someone else makes profit out of their work. If anyone is proved to sell tibia gold in the real world, one can be banned from the game. Certainly, the producers offer virtual currency from their official intermediaries.